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About Us

Thanks for stopping by my About page.  My name is Phil and I run the site here: GreekOliveOilHQ.com

You may be asking what possessed me to create a site dedicated to this product. Like most people I always associated olive oil as just another cooking oil when I was a kid and took it entirely for granted.  I never really understood why my mother sometimes used vegetable oil, nut oil, sunflower oil or olive oil for frying with and nor did I really care.

However, as a young adult I discovered how delicious premium olive oil and balsamic vinegar were together as a dip for bread as an appetiser to meals in restaurants.

I then stumbled across products such as olive oil shampoo and olive oil soap, and suddenly I found I had to learn more about this magical oil that seemed to be more versatile than any other kind of oil on earth.

What I discovered very quickly is that, contrary to popular belief the origins of olive oil do not lie in Italy but in Greece, or specifically Crete.  Greek Olive Oil is the original olive oil, dating back thousands of years.

It seemed to me that while most people barely even give the replenishment of olive oil a moment’s thought on their regular grocery shop that this wondrous product deserves a bit more attention.  Given that the true historic headquarters of olive oil is Greece I decided to create GreekOliveOilHQ.com as a base to curate some of the amazing facts and products I find as I satisfy my own curiosity.

I hope you find something of interest here.

Thanks for reading,

Phil Henry.