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Best Greek Olive Oil Brands 2013

There are quite a number of annual Olive Oil competitions around the world but the defining competitions is considered to be the New York International Olive Oil Competition at which over 700 olive oil brands from all corners of the globe are judged according to strict criteria.  In 2013, Greek Olive Oil brands won two Gold Awards and thirteen Silver awards. Although Greece missed out on any Best in Class titles this year such a haul of awards is still an impressive showing.

The olive oils that do well at this competition become immediate ‘must have’ olive oils by top chefs and can also be the perfect way to create brand recognition to savvy olive oil fans the world over.  The one thing to bear in mind with these olive oils is that they can be EXPENSIVE!  For example, the AIQ listed below usually sells for about $20 for a 500ml bottle!   It’s a bit like expensive wine, fine for special occasions and so on, but for every day use this can be a little on the excessive side.  So, check out our shop for our selection of some of the best Olive Oil products you can buy for realistic prices – and for most you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Gold Adward Winners

Below are the two products from Greek Olive Oil Brands that won the Gold Award in 2013, and therefore are, arguably, the best Greek brands available right now.


AIQ 0.5

0.5 is a superior olive oil that is about as traditional as it gets.  The olives are handpicked from Koroneiki olive trees in Lakonia and Messinia. The olives are processed through traditional mechanical cold pressing methods.

best-greek-olive-oil-brands-oleajuiceOlea Juice

Olea Juice is produced by Olea Groves,a relative new brand located in Maroussi, Greece.  Their mission is to create a comprehensive range of supreme quality local organic products for foreign markets.  For such a young company to win a Gold Award at the New York International Olive Competition is quite a feat!


Greek Brands Silver Award Winners

And, the best of the rest…the Greek Olive Oils that won the Silver Award.

  1. Jordan Olivenoel
  2. Manny’s
  3. Moria Elea Deluxe
  4. Kaldi
  5. Mani Blauel
  6. Gaea Lesvos PGI Vranas
  7. Anoskeli Pdo Kolymvari
  8. Pelio Olive Farms
  9. Ktimata Kyklopas
  10. Cat Cora’s Kitchen by Gaea Kritsa Fresh
  11. Estia 05
  12. Estia 01
  13. Olivest


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