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Billy Zane starts Greek Olive Oil Business

In March 2013, Billy Zane, the actor best known for his role as Cal in James Cameron’s epic, Titanic,announced he is launching a company importing Greek olive oil in the U.S. A partially philanthropic project, he intends to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Greek charities.

In an interview with Greek Reporter, he said:

“What Coppola did for wine [from Italy], I would like to try to do it for Greek olive oil,” he says. “While in the modern world, Greece is really known for tourism, I really see a future in eco-tourism and bio-dynamic farming and the exports of its agricultural products. This is some place that I think a new economy can be born.”

He intends to import olive oil from Mani in Greece, from where is family originates. He is also considering Brazil and China as potential target markets where demand for olive oil is growing rapidly.

Check out his interview with Greek Reporter on this video below:

Read more about Billy Zane’s acting credits at IMDB.

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