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Cat Cora debunks Olive OIive Myths

Cat Cora, the Greek-American “Iron Chef” has now developed her own range of Olive Oils and Cooking Sauces with the Mediterranean cuisine company, Gaea.  As part of her promotional activity she was interview by Fox news on 3rd October 2013 and debunked the following myths (questions asked by the Fox news reporter.  For the details, watch the video!).  You can read more about Cat Cora herself at her website.

Olive oil isn’t good for frying good
FALSE – Watch the video for why this is false.

Oil that isn’t first cold-press is just the leftover oil
TRUE – Watch the video for the facts.

Cooking olive oil destroys its health benefits
TRUE – But watch out to find out how to retain the health benefits!

You should store olive oil in the refrigerator
FALSE….But she agrees with our own post on storage – watch the video.

Never buy oil that looks cloudy
TRUE – It’s not going to be good!

“Light” or “Extra Light” means less calories
FALSE…This term has nothing to do with fat or calories in olive oil – watch the video for full explanation!

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