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The Olive Orchard Review

The olive orchardThe Olive Orchard is fairly unusual in that it is an American company but with Greek values, or Greek Olive Oil running through its veins! Inspired by Greek values and the Greek social culture of sharing fresh and local food. Another company, listed on this website, that started in a similar way is Terra Medi.

Originally The Olive Orchard started by selected olives exclusively from growers in Greece, the ancestral home of olive oil, and Turkey. However, they now are more open minded in the countries they work with and work with a selection of growers around the world, but still maintain the same exacting standards. In fact they have now added award-winning olive oils from some more unlikely countries, such as Chile, and South Africa!

The Olive Orchard operates a completely transparent and honest business model, called ‘Orchard to Table’ which ultimately means they only select the best produce and are in control of it, from orchard to table! Their website is a lovely site which shows photographs of owners, Jeff and Julie Boothman and key executives.

This is their promise about their olive oils:

  • Olive Orchard olive oils are 100% extra virgin, produced under the stringent rule of less than 0.8% acidity.
  • Olive Orchard olive oils are single origin. The grower, the region and the olive variety are always revealed.
  • Olive Orchard olive oils are first cold pressed.
  • Olive Orchard are produced from only the fruit of the olive tree.

The Olive Orchard has received much critical acclaim in the press, and you can read various press articles that are linked from The Olive Orchard website’s press page.

Olive Orchard Lemon Olive Oil

lemon olive oilThe Lemon Olive Oil from the Olive Oil Orchard is produced by the Laleli family in Edremit Bay on the Turkish Mediterranean. In addition to the Lemon Olive Oil they also produce the Olive Orchard’s other fantastic flavors, Orange, Garlic, Thyme, Basil and Hot Pepper. The olives are pressed with the appropriate fruits and herbs within hours of hand-harvesting. These oils are internationally acclaimed and have won of 20 awards. Unlike most other olive oils, and my own how to make lemon infused olive oil article, these oils are not infused with flavor later. They are pressed with their flavors, giving an unblemished finished to the quality of the oil and flavor combination.

You can purchase a sampler pack directly from the Olive Orchard website for just $17. The pack, pictured here, contains a 50ml bottle of each flavour. Below is a list of suggested uses for each flavor. I highly recommend you give this sample back a go. At this price it is a bargain for such a variety of high quality oil.  I do not get an affiliate commission for this, I’m just referring because it is so great.

The Olive Orchard Flavored Olive Oil Sampler Pack

The Olive Orchard Flavored Olive Oil Sampler Pack

Suggested uses of each flavor:

Lemon Olive Oil

Use grilling chicken fish, dipping, dressing salads. Olive Oil Orchard also recommend for baking although i’ve not tried this.

Orange Olive Oil

Great in a stir fry, with vanilla ice cream (apparently – i’ve not tried it myself!), and with salad.

Thyme Olive Oil

This is surely the secret to the perfect roast chicken – I always base my chicken and roast potatoes with thyme olive oil.

Hot Pepper Olive Oil

Perfect for adding zing to steaks. Olive Oil Orchard also recommend brushing on grilled corn and having it with scrambled eggs, although i’ve not tried either of those.

Garlic Olive Oil

Perfect with pizza and pasta, the true italian experience (yes I know, a greek olive oil site, but I’m allowed to enjoy other things too!). Also great with steak, although I prefer the heat of the Hot Pepper Olive Oil myself.

Basil Olive Oil

I must confess i’ve not used this for this purpose myself yet, but Olive Oil Orchard recommends using it as an ‘instant’ pesto by drizzling on freshly cooked pasta, with salt and pepper. I have, however, use it with salad as I have the Kalamata olive oil, and it is delicious.

Olive Oil Gift Sets

The Olive Oil Gift sets from are truly remarkable and emphasis the Olive Orchard’s values, as they are made to order with your own personal selection of olive oil! I haven’t come across another company as yet that does this in such a way, simply brilliant!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Box Trio

The Olive Orchard Customisable Gift Set

The Olive Orchard Customisable Gift Set

This gorgeous looking gift box is a unique gift idea. The box contains three 250ml bottles of olive oil, and as I said above, you can choose which 3 olive oils you would like. Whether it be three of the same, or three completely different olive oils – it is up to you!

Any olive oil lover would love this gift! And at around $40 (at time of writing) it’s a very reasonable price for such a lovely looking olive oil gift box.

Note, While you can buy some of the other products in the range, you cannot buy this at amazon as it lacks the personalisation features that make this product so great, to buy this go to the The Olive Orchard’s website gift page.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dipping Gift

The Olive Orchard Dipping Set

The Olive Orchard Dipping Set

Another great gift for olive oil lovers, this gift set comes with either a single bottle or a two bottle (which is better value). Again, you can personalise the box by selecting which olive oil you would like to be included.

This olive oil gift set contains either one or two 250ml bottles of gourmet extra virgin olive oil, depending on whether you got for the single set or the double set. It also contains a tin of Tuscany Seasoning, and olive oil dipping dish and a gift bag with raffia.


Images included to help promote their products, directly from TheOliveOrchard.com.

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